A little about us...

Skyride Productions is a small boutique film company. Over 20 years ago I started making films in my bedroom by connecting two VCRs together and an audio mixer. Today, Skyride is a small team that loves to meet new couples and tell their unique love story thru the cinematic lens.  With every film we craft, we want to create something timeless and emotional. A film you'll rewatch for years to come.

Your wedding day will be filled with so many tiny moments. Raw, emotional, fleeting moments. We'll find the beauty of your wedding day and weave them into a cinematic, personal love story. Alway pushing ourselves creatively, each couples film is custom to them. We film using the latest 4k digital cameras with vintage lenses. This look mirrors what a lot of indie films use and gives our films an intimate, warm feel. Please watch our films to get a sense of our tailored storytelling craft and reach out to us today to start a conversation about creating a film for you.







The SkyRide Difference

Emotional storytelling customized to your personality 

We’re here to create cinematic and emotional films for you. Crafting your story takes time, experience, and love for storytelling. From quite romantic moments with a couple as the sun sets by the sea to the raucous crowd of a Major League Baseball playoff game, we look for the tone thats right for your film. We pride ourselves on strong editing and always get excited when we find the perfect track that works with your footage.


Cinematic filming

The capability of small DSLR cameras and high quality prime lens lets us capture amazing cinematic images. While also keeping a small enough profile to capture unobtrusive raw emotional moments. We also know how to use lights selectively to enhance a scene.


Color grading 

Color breathes life into the moving image and when done right makes everything more true. After shooting and editing your film we take the time to make the image pop and skin-tones accurate. We strive to emulate the nostalgic look of Kodak film stocks. Every professional film on the silver screen goes thru this process and we believe color grading is an essential step for our films as well.


Sound design

Part of the cinematic experience is engaging sound. We strive to mix the perfect song, with the perfect sounds bites, add a touch of drama with sound effects. It all comes together to draw you into our films.


Quality you'll want to rewatch and share with friends.

We specialize in highlight films and promos since it boils all the best shots down to an exciting film that is manageable in time. They’re perfect films to share online, or when family or friends are over without dominating the whole evening.