My Soul mate and one true love @ Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC

Dan, you're the kind of man I hoped I would find to share my life with but had worried for many years would never come. My path to love for you was anything but easy. Through those moments of heartache, I tried to remember that the person who was meant for me was out there. I just didn't know that that person would be you and that the universe was waiting for the right time for us. God gave me those experiences so that my heart could appreciate the kind of love you were ready to give me.
Felicia, today I am so thankful that I get to marry my best friend, my soulmate, and my one true love. I can always be myself with you, laugh with you, cry at dog videos with you. I love you so much. I know you're going to make the best mother and I can't wait to start that chapter as parents with you.
I promise to love you for all of the days to come and that our love is our foundation to make it through our hardest days. On this day I promise to remember my gratefulness for your love, I promise to respect your trust and to always do right by our marriage.
I promise to be faithful to you always. I'll always be honest and open with you. I promise to love you more and more every day.
I promise to build a life with you and to always be proud of what we've accomplished together. I promise to keep this life an adventure and I promise to always have a loving dog in our home and to root for whatever sports team you ask me to. I love you very much and my heart will always be yours.
There's going to be days where there's rain and storms but I know there's gonna be many more sunny days and I promise to be by your side no matter what. I love you and your family more than you could ever know. I am so excited for tonight and the rest of our lives together.
The night I really met Dan, he was all about Felicia. I, however, was watching him like a hawk. He was sweet and kind and dancing the night away with all of us. Dan wanted to take Felicia for a walk. I told her she wasn't going anywhere with that guy. And he said, "I'll keep her safe." And I'll never forget that.
Dan is my older brother and that's a special person to have in life. When you have someone to look up to and learn from, it makes growing up a lot of fun. Dan, Felicia, I love you both very much and I wish you a very, very happy marriage that lasts a lifetime.
By the power vested in me, Universal Life Church, and the state of South Carolina, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Client - Felicia and Dan

Photography - Cana at Riverland Studios in Charleston

DJ - Lowcountry Entertainment

Location - Magnolia Plantation

Officiant - Janetty Izquierdo

Videography is so important on a wedding day, and I can’t stress that enough. Your wedding day can fly by and you are left with a blur of emotions and memories to think back on with photos that don’t really tell a story. With that being said, it is so important to have the right people there with you to celebrate and document the day. For me, wedding videos are a beautiful reminder that love is the greatest thing we have. I have watched countless videos (I’m a sap) that have warmed my heart. So obviously when my husband and I first got engaged, I immediately knew I needed (that’s right not wanted) Matt and Becki to capture our special day. They had done videography for my best friend and sister and delivered truly emotional and inspiring wedding films. They were present, professional, kind, graceful and excited to be there. I was so blown away by the fact that they got all this amazing footage and I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all by their presence. Knowing this, we knew we wanted a lot of footage and Matt made that easy with his packages and documentary edit add on. And before we knew it our big day was here!
My wedding day was the best and most beautiful day of my life. Many people say “it’s hard to express the love you have for your significant other.” Skyride expressed my love for my husband so perfectly and we couldn’t be happier in choosing them. Not only did they travel down to South Carolina to be there with us, but they exceeded all my expectations with our footage. I have watched our wedding video countless times and it makes me smile (and tear up) throughout each time. They were/are so extremely talented and create epic love story’s with each couple they film. They truly make you feel the love between two people on their most special day in the most creative and touching of ways. They are absolutely worth the investment. With the amazing videos that Matt and Becki created for us, I am 100% convinced that I couldn’t have worked with anyone else. Look no further for a videography team, you will NOT regret it. I will be singing their praises for years to come! THANK YOU!

- Felicia Hopewell