A grooms perfect poetic vows at The Hickories Farm in Ridgefield CT

Mark, I promise to walk by your side forever. Lauren, I promise to walk by your side forever. To love, help and encourage you in all that you do. I will take time to talk with you, to listen to you, and to care for you. I will share your laughter and her tears. Everything I am and everything I have is yours now and forevermore. Mark, standing here in front of you as you're almost wife is best thing that ever happened to me. I never thought I'd find someone who completes me holy and sets my soul on fire the way you do. I have rewritten the following over a hundred times. I struggled to capture in words what you mean to me, tried love stories, fairy tales and hyperbole. Problem is I never really believed in storybook Love. Dated and out of touch yet a level you cannot rise above. To those epic tales of romance I surely grumble. No knight in shining armor here we met on bumble. You're everything I could hope for in a husband. You've taught me I don't have to do everything on my own. It's okay not to be perfect and that life is about the in-between moments more than our plan. Before I met you, I thought my life was complete. I thought I was whole and I thought I was happy, while I may have been those things I wasn't nearly as happy as I am here now. You complete me, you make me the best version of myself. I promise to protect you with every ounce of my blood and to keep tears of joy flowing in a perpetual flood. For the warmth you give me I promise to repay it tenfold. I will love you more each day of this journey called getting old. And when my time comes I will look back without regret for I'd have had by my side a most beautiful Swett.
Mark was a boy with many names growing up here in Ridgefield Connecticut, starting with doodle man, as a child. He then graduated to Mad Dog, but if you ask him his favorite is "Mark the Shark" Beutel. To the Shark. Lauren there's absolutely no one in this world I would rather have by my side. Thank you for being exactly who you are and don't forget to say those three magic words to each other every day. You are right. Lauren you were just as kind, loyal and strong as Mark. Speaking of strength you're going to need that to put up with him when he tries to wear you down in an argument or when he gets injured every time the wind blows because apparently he has the body of an eighty year old man. I wish you nothing but Endless Love and happiness on this lifelong journey together. Cheers.
Today I must admit that I am the proudest dad in the world to have accompanied Lauren down the aisle. She's an amazing young woman. I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. Lauren you may now kiss the groom. That was so good. Lets hear it all again. Yeah, We did it, let's go home.

Client - Lauren and Mark

Photography - Erin McGinn Photography

DJ - 74 Events

Location - The Hickories

Wedding Coordinator - Rebecca Thorpe @ Copper Cricket Events