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A Few of our Films

2023 Wedding Highlight Reel

So many laughs, hugs, and tears over the years. Take a moment to watch a few of the amazing couples we crafted films for.  Cheers to their love and to the adventurous places they've taken us.


You're F*@king Gorgeous Right Now

On top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Emma and Josslyn declared their commitment of love to each other. 

The Universe Intervened

Don't be fooled by this couple. They know how to throw down a party! Wait for the turn on this video and you'll see how they transformed an old airplane hangar into their personal dance club.

eric and sooah.jpg
lauren and mark.jpg

Love stories, fairytales, hyperbole 

Set amongst the sheep and blueberry bushes, Lauren and Mark turned this sleepy farm into a place of love and celebration. You won't want to miss the poetic vows the groom had.

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