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Alivia & Stephen

The Ocean House - Westerly, RI

The ocean breeze swept thru the window as vintage jazz echoed from a distance.  We spent 2 days with Alivia and Stephen at the The Ocean House in Westerly, Rhode Island.  During our time we filmed the rehearsal dinner, interviews with the bride and groom, champagne towers, an energetic dance floor, a surprise fireworks display and more.  This film is called the Love Story edit. It requires time on your wedding day for interviews and some background discussions but the extra effort is worth it. Sprinkle in some old photos and video from past events and voila. 

A few of the filming techniques utilized in this film are as follows: Slow motion cinematography, timelapse photography, drone filming, and utilizing vintage lens paired with 4k cameras.  The Ocean House is such a stunning venue for a wedding and we made sure to capture its grand architecture set against the sea. With elegance and style, Alivia and Stephen professed their commitment to each other and we're so glad we able to be there and capture ever fleeting moment for them.

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